Monday, June 19, 2017

CO2 detectors save lives

HI! How are you guys doing?! What a week it has been. Wednesday was one of the craziest // coolest days on my mission. We did what we usually do, teaching and talking to everyone we saw. We passed out a lot of Books of Mormon, did lots of door to door tracting, and met some really awesome, prepared people. I just truly kept looking to the sky almost in tears because of how good God was to us that day. In the evening after picking up dinner, we were walking up to our front door and heard really loud ringing coming from our apartment. I unlocked the door and quickly realized it was the CO2 monitor. I don't know a whole lot about science and CO2 but I do know that if the detector is beeping, that is not a good sign so we didn't go inside. We waited on the curb while trying to call maintenance but since it was after office hours, we resorted to calling 911. Next thing you know, a fire truck pulls up to our complex with the flashing lights and three men fully clothed in all their gear came with us to our apartment. Long story short, it turned out to be just a low battery so we looked pretty stupid...but the firemen were super nice and didn't hold it against us ;) lol

Saturday was long and hot and all of our appointments seemed to be dropping through. Both Sister Jarvis and I were feeling pretty discouraged and losing hope for the day. We were all the way out in Baker, which is along the outskirts of Crestview, and it is super rural and country. We were driving down a back dirt road with the windows rolled down playing some MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) when all the sudden I could hear something deflating. We realized quickly it was our tire so we pulled over to check it out. Our back left tire was totally flat and we were in the middle of no where. We made some calls and finally a man in the ward, Brother Jones, said he would be by within the next 20 minutes to help us. We were sitting on the ground by our tire and just a few minutes later a guy in his late 20's pulled up and asked if we needed help. I told him someone was coming soon but he offered to change the tire for us anyway. He taught us how to do it and we talked with him for a while. He said he lives in Baker and loves the country. When I told him I was from California, he kept saying how sorry he was for me. hahaha  Right as he was finishing up, Brother Jones arrived in his truck and put the flat tire in the back. We thanked the man as he was getting into his car but then I had SUCH a strong impression to give him a card with our information on it even though, for some reason, in my mind I thought he would just think I was weird. I yelled to him, "Cameron, right?" and ran over to his car. I gave him our card and explained what we do as missionaries and what we believe. He joked that I should have stayed in California to teach people about Jesus because all of the country people out here know Jesus. haha  He didn't seem too interested in us sharing a message with him and told us he didn't need church but he was super nice and told me some music titles to look up when I get home from my mission. haha. We got in the car and headed to our next appointment. 

Sunday comes around and out of the blue at around 4 pm, we got a text from a random number asking when church was next week and they would like to come. I asked who it was and they replied, "CAMERON!!!" I was freaking out!!! He texted US and said he wants to come to church next week! Wow! What a tender mercy. I am so grateful I followed the prompting I received from the spirit to give him our phone number. I am even more grateful our tire popped so we could meet Cameron :) Such a blessing! It's crazy because we see so many blessings like this each and every day as missionaries. I am so grateful to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ!

I love you all SO MUCH!!!!

sister fletcher
Fire Truck
lol With our CO2 detector
Flat Tire

Went to a super inspirational fireside last night
This is Dillan who is now blind from a super
bad four-wheeling accident
He has an amazing testimony!

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