Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fairhope, Alabama!!

Hi y'all :)
How is everyone doing?? Last Tuesday, i flew out to the south! we stayed in a hotel in tallahassee that night and met president smith and his wife. but they are going home this week so we now have a NEW president smith and his wife! we get to meet them this saturday. 
SO i am in Fairhope, Alabama. It is the farthest west they let sisters go (cause of safety reasons), it took about 4 hours to get here from Tallahassee! Fairhope is SO BEAUTIFUL! who knew alabama could be this pretty? the town literally looks like it came straight out of a nicholas sparks movie. and the sunsets are unreal! every night we get to go on the pier at sunset and tract, meeting and talking to people about the church. 
So my new companion is Sister Jackson and i love her so much! we are very similar and i am so grateful to get her as my trainer. She has only been out 3 months so most people dont train that early, but i know she was meant to train me. we are having lots of fun together!
for those that dont know, i have been sick since the day i got to the MTC. and its a real bummer, and unfortunately, things havent been getting any better. so please pray for a recovery! i am going into the doc on wedesday for the fourth time so we will see what they say now!
So every morning we run/walk to the yacht club area where there is a beautiful pier with the sunrise, i feel so lucky to be here!
I have learned that this mission is one of the lowest baptizing missions...its all about reactivating inactives. Isiah 61:1-3 has helped me understand excatly what we're doing!
everyone just loves to talk! we have met so many people this week and had some great lessons.
my favorite was with our investigator, Jeanetta. She has had SUCH a hard life. as i have gotten to know her, i have seen how much her heart has opened and she has so much faith. it is inspiring!
EVERYONE is baptist here! im ready to share the gospel with them :)
my favorite part about the day is when we tract on the pier at night, i just love talking to people and hearing their stories and sharing with them a message about jesus christ! 
life is good! and i am so thankful to be here! i love you all so much and hope you have a blessed week :)
please continue to email me! and write me letters! here is my new address: 
320 Volanta Ave. B-4
Fairhope AL 36532

1) President and Sister Smith
2) Our cute friend Beverly Giles
3) like seriously how beautiful is this place...
4) me and my cute comp
 Our cute friend, Beverly Giles

Like seriously, how beautiful is this place . . .

Me and my cute comp


President and Sister Smith

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What A Day To Be Alive!!

HI family and friends!
My pday is offically tuesday while in the MTC! (so only for like 2 weeks lol) First off, i just want to say how much i love the MTC. The spirit is so strong and i just have such a love for all the people i have met here. It is very overwhelming at times and you literally feel every emotion. So on the first day, i got my companion who is Sister Housel! (i met her up at USU) and shes so cute i just love her! we were both secretly praying to have each other and it worked! God answers prayers everybody! Also, one of my good friends from EFY, Dallon (Elder Napier) is in my district! which is crazy cause we actually talked a lot about our missions before we came out and now we are in the same district, together like 12 hours of the day! Elder Napier and his companion Elder Francis are sister Housel and my favorite people. the 4 of us have gotten way close and they have helped me immensely here! There are 6 sisters and 5 elders in my district. All the sisters are going to Tallahassee and the elders are going to Tempe Arizona! They are great and so are our teachers. We are one big family but sometimes we get alittle distracted from time to time.. but thats just cause we love each other so much, we want to talk and talk to get to know each other! 
Anyways, the first 3 days here were probably the longest days of my life! like oh my goodness, i hear that at the MTC, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days (if that makes any sense) but time has moved faster now and i am starting to really love the MTC!
So on Saturday, my companion sister Housel cut her finger like way bad with her razor. So we had to go to the BYU Health Care center ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE MTC. it was crazy, i felt like we were breaking out or running away hahaha. She almost needed to get stitches, but luckily didnt, so all day we were singing "I'll be needing stitches"...we thought we were hilarious. 
Also, i literally eat salads everyday. im not a huge fan of the food here and i actually do not have much of an appetite (which is probably a shocker to anyone who knows me) but salads are good so im not complaining!
On Friday night last week, my district was in our normal classroom and instead of doing companion study, which we do a lot of, we just kinda started talking and ended up going around the room sharing our testimonies and why we decided to serve a mission. let me just tell you, never in my entire life have i felt the spirit so strong. it was unreal. everyone in my district has such an amazing testimony and have all used the atonement in their lives. it is so apparent that everyone who is out here is here because they want to be here for themselves. they want to share this beautiful gospel! these people really are my best friends. one sister in my district is from Trinidad and she has the kindest heart and the most amazing testimony. this morning our district got to go to the temple together for her first time, her own endowment session. it was such a special time i will never forget. 
Anyways!! Elder Bednar is coming to talk at the MTC tonight! i am so so excited i just love him, i mean who doesnt??? 
Here at the Missionary Training Center, you literally break down the doctrine to the deepest of deep. like you may think the aspect of prayer is simple but let me just tell you, theres so much more to learn about. its overwhelming how much we are learning, i have probably learned more in this past week here then i have learned in my entire 4 years of high school! 
i want to end with some things i have been thinking about: HEART work is HARD work! if you want to better yourself and turn all your wants and desires towards the Lord, you need to allow that to happen, and let me tell you something...its going to be HARD! but SOOO worth it! i already feel like i am changing into who God knows i can become. i feel so blessed. i have never felt my heavenly father's hand so much in my entire life! i love you all so much!
please please PLEASE write me! i love getting letters and mail, i can not tell you how amazing it feels. here is my address for the next 2 weeks!!

Sister Marissa Lynn Fletcher
Provo MTC Mission
Unit # 123 June 21 FL-TAL
2005 North 900 East
Provo UT 84604

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
(Sorry this is so long hahaha)

Sister Housel and me on our first day
We are so much older and wiser, WOW ;)

My wonderful district! The two elders to my left are my bffs, LOVE THEM!

The girls in my district, my sistas!

Temple Sunday(: