Monday, August 7, 2017

How blessed are we!

Hey y'all!
This week was good :) We picked up a few new investigators and were able to teach some awesome lessons! Samantha and Devinee are going to the temple this Saturday which is SO exciting!! I am so happy for them. man, I wish more than anything we could go with them. Maybe in a year haha.

I have been studying the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. I love Mosiah SO much. I feel like no matter how many times I have read this book, I always learn so many new principles from the teachings. I was in chapter 27 yesterday and I love verse 37 specifically. Prior to this verse, Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah are doing evil and trying to destroy the church of God, but then they had an amazing experience that completely changed their hearts and turned them to repentance. They no longer wanted to do evil but wanted to do good always, and to share with others the amazing light the gospel brings to all of our lives. In verse 37, it says: "And how blessed are they! For they did publish peace; they did publish good tidings of good; and they did declare unto the people that the Lord reigneth."

I just love this verse. How blessed am I that I get to declare Jesus Christ's gospel to His children. I feel so grateful and lucky for this opportunity. I meet so many people everyday who have really opened my eyes to what life is all about, to what the gospel is all about. I don't know what I did to deserve wearing this name tag on my heart, to represent my Savior, Jesus Christ every single day for 18 months. ahhh, I just love this gospel, I love being a missionary!

How blessed are we to know the gospel, and because we know the truth, it is up to us to share it with others! People want what we have, even if they don't know it yet.

Love and miss you all!

-sister fletcher
Pretty Fort Walton Beach last week

Pic taken on my low quality camera on a high quality day
Me and sista j

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