Monday, July 17, 2017


Hey y'all :)

What a week! Long but good :) We have zone conference on Friday and a sister in my zone and I are singing "How Deep" by Kings Kaleidoscope but with our own rendition.  I will play my guitar and she will play her ukulele. If you don't know the song or have never heard of this group, LOOK THEM UP! They're SICK. I'm excited, it should be fun :) anyways...

We had a great lesson with Sam this week. We invited her to be baptized on the 29th of July and she accepted!! She has to find the courage to tell her mom, which she is really scared to do. Everyone please keep Sam in your prayers, and her mother also, that she will let her go through with the baptism.  Guys, I love Sam so much. Seriously, she has become like a little sister to me and it's been so amazing to teach her but also learn so much from her and her example. Sam and her sister, Devinee, have been SO prepared to receive this wonderful gospel.

I have had a lot of time to reflect this week, about the gospel and about life in general. My mission has humbled me a lot (and I know I still have a ways to go ;)) but it has truly made me see and realize how good and easy I had it back at home and how I took so much for granted. 

We have been working at soup kitchens here in Crestview two days a week for the past seven weeks and it just breaks my heart to see some of the situations I have seen. People who have absolutely nothing but are still so positive and grateful for the small things around them. It brings me to tears, Teaching people in such humble circumstances, who have finally found the truth in their life, and then when they realize that is really all they need in their life to be eternally happy, nothing materialistic, nothing temporal, just the gospel and the joy and peace that comes with it.

During my personal studies on Friday morning, I was specifically studying about Heavenly Father and how much He loves us all, so individually. Something that I have always been so passionate about and believed so strongly is how much worth we truly have in Heavenly Father's eyes. We are all spiritual offspring of a Heavenly Father, which means we all have so much potential. Because we were made in the image of Heavenly Father, that literally means there is nothing we as individuals can not do or accomplish and so many times we forget this. I forget this. But we CAN'T! We are capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds to, not because we are so perfect and great, but because the most amazing being in the universe created us, and one day we can fully be LIKE HIM! It blows my mind. 
I guess I am going on this tangent because it made me realize that all these people I have met who are going through so many trials and troubles, who have literally nothing but the clothes on their back, who are not even sure where they are going to find their next meal, have SO MUCH potential and are so special. It breaks my heart because if everyone truly knew their worth, they would follow all of their dreams and accomplish anything they want because they would know it is totally possible because Heavenly Father created them. I want EVERYONE TO KNOW THIS! Everyone should know they have a loving Heavenly Father and they are precious in His eyes and they can communicate with him through prayer, today, tomorrow and forever.

I love you guys SO much,
sister fletcher
Skunk on my head nbd
The District
Pretty lake
Happy B-day Sister Jarvis!
s/o to my mom for sending her
a birthday package!
Her family took my companion and me
out to breakfast!!:))

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